Ravana – The Greatest Emperor of Asia
۞۩– The greatest нєℓα king of Lankapura (Sri Lanka) –۩۞

Rāvanā is a hero for Sinhala nationalists

PK Balachandran,hindustantimes

Colombo, September 23, 2007

The Rāmāyana is not part of the mainstream Sinhala religious and cultural tradition in Sri Lanka, because Buddhism has been the religion of the majority of Sinhalas for long. But ancient Sinhala works like Rājāvaliya and Rāvanāvaliya identify Rāvanā as a Sinhala king and extol him as a great one.

In modern Sri Lanka, there has been a movement to revive Rāvanā as a cult figure, who represents Sinhala or Sri Lankan nationalism because he was among the first in the island’s history to have resisted an alien/Indian invader.

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