Ravana – The Greatest Emperor of Asia
۞۩– The greatest нєℓα king of Lankapura (Sri Lanka) –۩۞

Learning about king Rāvanā

Emperor Rāvanā lived nearly 5000 years ago in Sri Lanka. He was a descendant of ‘Surya Wansha’ of ‘Hela Yakka’ tribe (ancient Sinhala tribe). King Rāvanā was one of the best fighters in Angampora, the traditional martial arts of ancient Sinhale.

He was a great Scholar in Ayurvedic medicine. He was the person who invented “Arka Shāstra”. The book “Arka Prakshaya” reveals this truth to the present world. As his willing to research in Ayurvedic medicine he wrote several books revealing the cures for many diseases. In one book he wrote “Eating beef cause to infect ninety eight new diseases to human beings”. The book “Kumāra Tantraya” which reveals the treatments for infant diseases was written by him accepting the request of his pregnant queen Mandodarī.


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