Ravana – The Greatest Emperor of Asia
۞۩– The greatest нєℓα king of Lankapura (Sri Lanka) –۩۞

Aba- The story of conflict between Sri Lankan local Yakka tribe against Indian ‘Vijaya’ invasion

Aba – The story of prince Pandukabhaya

Jackson Anthony’s Grand  Cinematic Composition.

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ABA-The story of Prince Pandukabhaya

By the fifth century BC, the Yakshas, among the ancient people of the island of Lanka, had seized overall power. They were however subdued by the Sinha clan who arrived from North India. The defeated Yakshas thereafter launched insurrection after insurrection against the Sinha Clan.

Vijaya was the first to defeat the Yakshas, He was succeeded by his nephew, Panduwasdeva, a Prince, who arrived from India. It was from the North East of India also that his consort-to-bc, Princess Bhadrakachchana of the Royal line of the Shakya Clan came.

Paduwasdeva chose as his seat of power, the City of Upatissa, located north of Anuradhapura. Bhadrakachchana bore him ten sons and finally a beautiful daughter, Chitra. The Royal Astrologer, perusing her horoscope, articulated a horrifying prophesy. They predicted that a son born to Chitra would slay his ten uncles and assume the throne.

The ten princess, complete in their faith in the prophesy, plotted to murder their sister. Chitra thwarted their efforts. Finally, she was imprisoned in a tower where she could not encounter any man.

Chitra grows to be a beautiful woman.

Then arrived Prince Dighagamini, the son of Queen Bhadrakachcayana’s bother. He arrives in the City of Upatissa along with two Yaksha friends, Chittaraja and Kalawela. Chittaraja is entrusted with the task of guarding the tower. Prince Dighagamini sets his eyes of Princess Chitra. The two fall in love. In time, Chitra becomes pregnant, the great chronicles report.

The brothers, note that the signs portent the unfolding of the terrible prophesy. They conspire to murder their pregnant sister. However, Queen Bhadrakachchayana prevails on her sons to wain until their sister delivers the baby, requesting them to kill the child only and only if it is a boy. She saves her daughter once again. As her pregnancy closed upon its full term, the prepares herself for a critical political issue.

The crown prince is born. His royal uncles are outside the delivery chamber, swords sharpened, ready to murder their nephew. The new born child, Aba, is however spirited away to the distant village Doramadala.

The incensed uncle pursue the scent of royal blood, intent on killing young Aba. They setfire to villages and massacre children of Aba’s age in their hundreds. they do not find Aba. The Yakshas of Doramadala protect and nurture the crown prince.

And from the village of Doramadala emerged the hero, the liberator of the Motherland. He raises his enormous sword above his head and swears thus:

I am committed to the heritage of my Motherland!

I will be at war until I recover my birthright!


The story of Prince Pandukabhaya

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